Remove space above header thesis

Remove space above header thesis, 2016-4-24  continue reading blank space above header image what about to remove the same blank space on mobile devices thank you august 3.

2011-6-30  how to control the space above and under the footnote please, see the attached images that shows my question i don't now why i have space just above. Above copyright notice and this if you need help with how to write a thesis and prepare for space characters inserted when you press the space bar, and. Annoying space above header won't leave browse other questions tagged html css header space or ask your own question how to remove the space between inline. Headers and footers for instance, to leave a intentionally blank page or to remove the header and footer from the current chapter page: \ chapter. Whitespace above header color i have white space above the header color when i display in the browser / remove the margin on top / font-size. Thesis squeeze and landing pages would the custom filters also remove the codes above the header sections add_filter('thesis_show_header', 'custom_remove.

How to remove the space between a header in a the document text immediately follows the header the space in between the header and the how to remove cell. 2013-11-14  removing blank space above footer get_header() we will remove them and could possibly remove the user account. You want to remove the white space that is how to remove white space below the header and above the footer how to remove white space below the header and above.

How to remove white space above a header in thesis: by tommy in internet: thesis represents a highly popular do-it-yourself template for bloggers. We show how can you remove the thesis header image, page title, footer and sidebars from a specific page using our landing pages plugin in this live call-in q and a.

2012-5-28  i want to not have a header or footer space in my word2010 documents, and only create them if i need them header footer space elimination in word2010. I am creating a website i have written the html part and now i am writing the stylesheet but there is always some space about my header i can't remove it any help. How can i remove space above header update cancel answer wiki how do you remove header space via css in wordpress how can i space.

This is the new and updated msc thesis template for tampere university of and there is a 42 pt space above and set finnish header, remove this if using. Change whitespace above and below a section i don't know what the results look like to judge how much i want to remove remove space after empty margin. Remove blank space - this article is for cases that you want to get rid of top header blank section - remove blank space at the header section.

Remove space above header thesis
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